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After the Stupendous success of F2, the Duo of Victory Venkatesh and Varun Tej starrer is back with a bang in their latest outing produced by Dil Raju in the Direction of Anil Ravipudi who helmed F2. After long wait F3 Fun and Frustration release date is today. Lets see what they have offered in their latest serving the Fun Franchise as advertised by the movie makers in this F3 Movie Review.

F3 Movie Cast

Starring: Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah, Mehreen Pirzada, Sunil, Sonal Cauhan, Murali Sharma

Director: Anil Ravipudi

Producers: Dil Raju, Shirish

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

F3 Movie Story

Firstly, you have to understand that this is not an exact sequel of F2 which most of the people assume based on the same casting.

Venky(Venkatesh) and Varun(Varun Tej) are two individuals who are always chasing after the money. They have failed in their attempts to make any money and just then they came to know that a rich businessman (Murali Sharma) is looking for his lost son. Venky and Varun decide to go as the lost son so they can inherit the wealth. How did they do this and what happens in the course is the theme of F3 Movie.


The main asset of the movie the entertainment. After F2 we have not seen much of such a clean and neat comedy that a whole family can enjoy. F3 has filled in that gap with good entertainment which happens at regular intervals.

Venkatesh who was so funny and hilarious in F2 has notched up tune a bit more in F3 and has shown that he is just awesome when it comes to family comedy and no one can beat him at this game. This is also due to the fact that he is more relateable in his characters which are family-oriented and we tend to see ourselves in those. This edge has given more comic timing which he is an expert in.

We dont see Venky as a hero in this movie but he becomes a genuine character whom we relate to and his comedy timing is superb as a guy with night blindness.

Varun Tej, who has seen a debacle in recent times with Ghani is now back on track and he is one of the underrated actor. He has shown his comedy mettle as a stammering youngster who is in sysc with Venkatesh.

Tamannah and Mehreen also get good roles in the film and do their best. Sonal Chauhan gets a good role after a long time and she sizzles in her role.

After a long time, we are seeing Sunil who gets a meatier role and he brings genuine laughs. Ali also made his mark with a different character.

Murali Sharma, along with the F2 Gang of Annapurna, Pragathi have done a good job as well.

Audience will enjoy the Climax where the top stars are presented in a funny manner, not exact spoof, but similar sorts.

F3 Movie Review


Since from the beginning of the start of movie production, they have said that the movie is focused on more entertainment and logic has gone for toss. So, you cant complain. Just enjoy the moive keeping aside your logics.

First 15 mins of the movie is slow and how suddenly it is been shown that Murali Sharma is looking for his missing son is only saved by the comic relief.

Some parts of the F3 movie do not go well with the class audience as they may see that some scenes are silly and illogical and they may find comedy to go over board sometimes.

Technical Aspects

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is average and songs have been placed well. The background music is decent. Songs are not up to the mark. Production design is excellent. Dil Raju has spent a lot on this movie and is visible on screen.

The camerawork is amazing and was able to capture the star moments captured well by having many stars in the same frame. Good job there. Trimming down a bit in the second half would have made the movie much better. Editing could have been crispier.

Director Anil Ravipudi has done a good job. Taking characters from F2 and giving a film backdrop of money gives scope for full-on comedy and he made use of it to generate laughs.

Taking just the characters from F2 and trying to make a fun franchise of it where it offers pure entertainment and full paisa vasool is laudable. We have to wait and see if he keeps his promise to go on further with F4 Movie just like he said in the pre-release function. He did not concentrate much on the story and the focus is completely on the comedy and he delivers it successfully if you do not have expectations and you are watching it for relief .

Pros : 

Venkatesh’s & Varun Tej’s performance

Few Comedy Blocks

Cons :

No reasonable story


F3 Movie Review Verdict

On the whole, F3 is a complete full-on masala film with good entertainment packed at regular intervals. With the presence of many stars and the laughs generated, you can enjoy the movie a lot, just keep aside your logics.

Enjoy this timepass comedy this weekend as it serves as a good family watch with full-on comedy.

Our Rating : 3/5

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